Make-up Tip of the Week

Hi Make-Up Addicts,

I hope you all have been enjoying the looks I have been posting. I have been getting requests to post some "how to" videos so be on the lookout for those.

So I have yet another makeup tip for all you makeup addicts out there! For longer lasting lip color and to prevent your lip liner from bleeding apply a small amount of either concealer or foundation to your lips before you apply your lip color. This will prevent the lip liner from bleeding as well as keep your lip color in place longer.

Part 2 of the tip: When you apply your lip color use a brush and blend the lip liner in so when your color begins to fade you have an even fade and not a harsh lip liner line with no lip color!

I hope you all find this tip helpful! Stay healthy, stay beautiful and definitely stay addicted to make-up!


Make-up Addict


    MAC Cosmetics "Red She Said"

    MAC Cosmetics "Red She Said"
    This is the perfect look to go from day to night. Just use a neutral pink ligstick for a day look and switch to red for a fast and sexy night look

    MAC Cosmetics "Word of Mouth"

    MAC Cosmetics "Word of Mouth"
    This look is also perfect for day to night...use the same rule as the red she said but also use a mineralize powder on the cheek instead of "enough said" and your look with be sophisticated for work and sexy for night!