Make-Up Tip

Hi Makeup Addicts,

I hope you are all checking out the site and enjoying all the blogs! So here is my tip of the week! If you do not have one already, I recommend you go out and invest in a white eyeliner. Yes ladies that's right a white eyeliner!

I know it sounds crazy but here is how you use it. On a day where concealer is just not cutting it and you had way too much fun the night before and it shows...throw some white eyeliner on your waterline and your eyes will open and look gorgeous and bright! I'll try to post a look so you can see the difference, but truly this is a great tip that most do not know!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the tip of the week. Stay tuned for more pics, blogs and ideas...stay healthy, stay beautiful, and definitely stay addicted to makeup!


Make-Up Addict


    MAC Cosmetics "Red She Said"

    MAC Cosmetics "Red She Said"
    This is the perfect look to go from day to night. Just use a neutral pink ligstick for a day look and switch to red for a fast and sexy night look

    MAC Cosmetics "Word of Mouth"

    MAC Cosmetics "Word of Mouth"
    This look is also perfect for day to night...use the same rule as the red she said but also use a mineralize powder on the cheek instead of "enough said" and your look with be sophisticated for work and sexy for night!